Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Kannur Tourism

Kannur is one of the northern districts of Kerala state. Kannur is a beach town located in the seaside. Kannur is blessed with natural beaches, hill stations, rivers, backwaters, historical monuments and religious centres. The handloom cloths of Kannur have international reputation and Kannur is one of the major exporter of handlooms in India. Fisheries also play an important role in the economy because of having 82 kilometer long coastline and rivers. Kannur is rich in traditional art and culture. Kannur is the home of Kerala folklore academy. The folk arts is a gift of Kannur in the field of art and culture. Popular religious arts like Theyyam and Kavadiyattom are originated and developed in Kannur. Theyyam and Thira are the most vibrant dance forms of Kannur.
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