Thursday, 26 July 2012

Culture Of God's Own Country

"Gods own Country" has a unique culture and arts. It is rich in its tradition and culture. Even to this day, Kerala preserves its culture and arts. The Culture Of Kerala is a synthesis of Dravidian and Aryan cultures, developed and mixed for centuries, under influences from other parts of India and abroad. Culture of Kerala is diverse and a subtle blend of different ethnic and religious groups. Kerala was ruled by many foreign rulers in the past and this also has an impact on the rich culture in Kerala. The Culture Of Kerala sprouted as a combination of Aryan and Dravidian influences. Culture in Kerala is also a composite and cosmopolitian culture to which several people and races have made their significant contributions.
Kerala culture presents different type of art forms. Kerala art forms are Kathakali, Kalaripayattu and Mohiniattam are the world-renowned forms of art practiced in the state. Kathakali is world-renowned dance form with its base in Kerala. Kerala is known for its various kinds of performing arts. The Culture Of Kerala is distinct with an admixture of innumerable facets of various cultures, which have had contact with it. As a result of the acculturation that has taken place due to cultural contact, the Culture Of Kerala stands out unique among similar cultures. Kerala has become one of the most sought tourist destinations in the country as well as abroad. About culture in Kerala, we mainly focussed about the festivals, martial arts and sports. The heritage of Kerala Culture is also revealed in its various dance forms, martial arts and cuisine. The present Culture Of Kerala is the result of the unique process of cultural synthesis and social assimilation.

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