Tuesday, 31 July 2012

About Ambalappuzha

Ambalappuzha is a small coastal town in Alappuzha district of Kerala state. The town is famous for its Sri Krishna temple. The Ambalappuzha temple is one of the three important Sri Krishna temples in the state of Kerala. Constructed in the typical Kerala architectural style, the temple is famous all over India, and is renowned for the Palpayasam, the daily offering of sweet milk porridge.
The Ambalapuzha Temple is a typical Kerala style built temple, dedicated to Sree Krishna popularly known as Ambalapuzha Unni. Ambalapuzha temple is famous for its temple architecture and the milk porridge- Paalpaayasam. Chembakasseri Pooradam built this temple in 800 AD.

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Friday, 27 July 2012

Handicrafts In Kerala

Kerala has the tradition of making beautiful handicrafts with ivory, bamboo, palm leaves, seashells, wood, coconut shells, clay, cloth, metals, stone etc. Many old handicraft classics can be seen in Palaces, old heritage homes, museums, etc
  The artists are experts in making beautiful flower vases, ash trays, ornamental plates, jewel boxes, miniature boats, elephants, idols, kathakali masks, embroidery works etc. Handicrafts in Kerala are very popular world over. Kerala handicrafts have a great demand in the country and abroad
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Kerala Photo Gallery

The Green Paradise on Earth", is a popular tourist destinations draped in an evergreen beauty of nature. Blessed by all the expressions of nature, this beautiful state of India is gifted with unmatched beauty of hill stations and picturesque backwaters, a necklace of lagoons, lakes, canals and rivers that run through the length and breadth of this beautiful land.


Kerala is blessed by the nature by all means. Kerala has long beaches, mountains, rivers and backwaters. Beaches like Kovalam, Shankhumugham, Mararikulam, Fort Kochi and Payyambalam are breathtakingly beautiful. These hills of Wayanad and Idukki are quite green and charming.
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About Vadakkunathan Temple

Trichur with its rich history, cultural heritage and archeological wealth is the cultural capital of Kerala. Trichur is famed for and wide for its pooram festival. This festival district has witnessed many rulers and dynasties starting with the Zamorins, Tipu Sultan to the Dutch and the British.
A cultural center, the Kerala Kalamandalam, the Kerala Sahitya Academy and Kerala Sangeetha Nadaka Academy are located here. Vadakkumnathan Temple or Vadakkunnathan Temple is one of the largest and ancient Shiva temples, situated in Thrissur district of Kerala. 
Also known as Thenkailasam and Vrishabhachalam, the temple stands majestically on an elevated hillock 
 right in the centre of the city. Hindu traditions say that the temple was built by Parasurama, the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu and the legend creator of Kerala. 
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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Historical Places In Kerala

Kerala is not only a green land with coconut grooves, paddy fields, beaches, backwaters, hills and forests. Kerala has a rich historical and cultural tradition of its own. Kerala was ruled by a number of foreign invaders as well as native Indian rulers. There are a number of Historical Places In Kerala, which tell the stories of these invasions and successions.

Kerala has a culture of the mixture of three main religions namely Hinduism, Chriastianity and Islam. Hinduism is practised by majority of people in Kerala. One fourth of the population is practising Christianity and the others are Islam. The Islam was introduced here by the Arab traders. Our historic monuments are greatly contributed by these three major religions. Some of the great architectural treasures of Kerala like the Padmanabhapuram Palace and the Jewish synagogue at Fort Kochi are marvellous tourist attractions and are worth visiting.
The history of Kerala is connected with the rise and fall of many foreign and domestic rules. The event of the landing of Vasco Da Gama on the Malabar Coast in 1498 is a milestone in the history of Kerala. The trading connection between Kerala and the Middle East, Mediterranean and China have gave way to several foreign communities. Several historic places of Kerala is living records of these communities from time to time.
The several forts in Kerala can tell the great story of invasions and successions. These forts are the best preserved forts in India. Many of these forts were built by the foreign rulers to safeguard their hold in Kerala. St.Angelo's Fort, Bekal Fort and Palakkad Fort are beautiful examples. The generations to come, will be influenced by the architecture and style of these forts and other buildings. The Pallippuram Fort is the oldest existing European monuments in the country.

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Culture Of God's Own Country

"Gods own Country" has a unique culture and arts. It is rich in its tradition and culture. Even to this day, Kerala preserves its culture and arts. The Culture Of Kerala is a synthesis of Dravidian and Aryan cultures, developed and mixed for centuries, under influences from other parts of India and abroad. Culture of Kerala is diverse and a subtle blend of different ethnic and religious groups. Kerala was ruled by many foreign rulers in the past and this also has an impact on the rich culture in Kerala. The Culture Of Kerala sprouted as a combination of Aryan and Dravidian influences. Culture in Kerala is also a composite and cosmopolitian culture to which several people and races have made their significant contributions.
Kerala culture presents different type of art forms. Kerala art forms are Kathakali, Kalaripayattu and Mohiniattam are the world-renowned forms of art practiced in the state. Kathakali is world-renowned dance form with its base in Kerala. Kerala is known for its various kinds of performing arts. The Culture Of Kerala is distinct with an admixture of innumerable facets of various cultures, which have had contact with it. As a result of the acculturation that has taken place due to cultural contact, the Culture Of Kerala stands out unique among similar cultures. Kerala has become one of the most sought tourist destinations in the country as well as abroad. About culture in Kerala, we mainly focussed about the festivals, martial arts and sports. The heritage of Kerala Culture is also revealed in its various dance forms, martial arts and cuisine. The present Culture Of Kerala is the result of the unique process of cultural synthesis and social assimilation.

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About Munnar

Munnar Tourism has an important position in the Kerala Tourism sector.

Munnar has a magical beauty which attracts tourists into this area. Moreover, Munnar has a pleasant and cool climate.
 Pothamadu, Devikulam, Mattupetty, Attukal, Nyayamakad, Eravikulam National Park, Attukal Waterfalls, Marayoor, Top Station, Mattupetty Indo Swiss Project etc. are the major attractions of Munnar tourism.
 The tourists who visit Munnar will get mesmerized with the magical spell of Munnar. Munnar Hill Station has been an attractive tourism destination since long past
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Altitude : Sea Level
Tourist Season : October to March
Clothing : Cotton Clothes
Temperature : Min. 20 c - Max. 35 c
Location: Latitude, 957' N; Longitude, 7615' E.
Nearest Airport: Nedumbassery International Airport
Nearest Railway Station: Ernakulam
The history of Cochin or Kochi starts with the major flood in the year 1341 AD, which caused the Cochin estuary to form and thus Cochin Harbour was originated naturally. Cochin Harbour is one of the natural harbours in the world.
Kochi is the significant port city in Kerala. Kochi is also a cosmopolitan and the major commercial centre in Kerala. Kochi or Cochin is often called as Ernakulam. There are several islands around Kochi. The Bolghatty Island, Vallarpadam and Vypeen are the important islands there.

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Kerala Tourist Places

The land of Kerala is one of the finest tourist destinations of the world. Kerala has almost all the tourist attractions namely, the hill stations, beaches, wildlife sanctuaries, backwaters etc. Kerala is an ideal place for a tour programme and Kerala is visited by several tourists from inside the country and from the whole world as well. Kerala has a rich landscape, colourful culture and heritage. Kerala tourist attractions varies from hill stations, wildlife sanctuaries, backwaters, plantations, pilgrim centres, lakes, wildlife, amusement parks, waterfalls, houseboats, historical monuments etc.
The timeless beauty of the palm fringed beaches of Kovalam and Varkala, the majesty of the undulating hills of Munnar and Vagamon, the serenity of the pristine backwaters of Kumarakom & Kuttanad and the enchanting woods and forests of Thekkady and Silent Valley will always be a shining memory of the visitor.
Kerala has a long stretch of beaches which lie on the western side along the Arabian Sea. The coastal areas of Kerala is rich with a variety of seafood which was ever favourite to the foreigners. The coconut groves, natural harbours and blue lagoons are specialities of Kerala beaches. Kovalam beach is the most popular beach in Kerala which is visited by several domestic and international tourists.Varkala, Cherai, Fort Kochi, Marari, Poovar etc. are some of the finest beaches of Kerala.
Thiruvananthapuram is the capital city of the state which is an ancient city. Sri Padmanabha Swamy Temple is the significant landmark of the city and one of the most famous temples. The musueum, art gallery etc are tourist attractions of Thiruvananthapuram.
Munnar is the most important hill station in Kerala which lies at the confluence of three rivers. The tropical forest, tea and spice plantations are most attracted in Munnar. Thekkady is another hill station which has also significant role in the tourism sector of Kerala. The Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, the artificial lake in Thekkady etc are most attractive in Kerala. Ponmudi Hill Station is a major tourist place in Kerala which is situated in Thiruvananthapuram city. Vizhinjam, Shanghumugham are beaches in Thiruvananthapuram.
Wayanad is a major hill station in Kerala which is visited by several domestic and international tourists. The wildlife and the tropical plants in Wayanad are unique. The Muthanga, Vythiri are important tourist places in Wayanad.

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